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Since the 1950s, the 4Cs have been the standard guide to understanding a diamond's value and rarity. But beyond Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight is a whole world of diamond information that can help you make the best diamond purchase decision for your needs and budget. The diamond story combines many elements of a diamond's character, beyond the 4Cs.

Beyond the 4Cs





From the 1950s to today, the 4Cs are the famous international diamond standard. A quick internet search yields millions of web pages discussing the 4Cs grading system from every possible angle. How much more can be said about the 4Cs? The way people shop today is entirely different to years gone by. And the way people shop for diamonds and diamond jewelry is changing too.

4Cs: Are They Still Up to the Task?

The 4Cs have worked faithfully and tirelessly for well over half a century. Now, it’s time to find a new approach to enhance the 4Cs, giving you a deeper, up-to-date experience of the diamond’s unique character. And the answer is Light Performance.


Light Performance: The New Diamond Standard


The intense bright light that shines from the diamond


The dramatic flashes that burst out of the diamond as it moves


The vivid colors of the rainbow that radiate from within the diamond


The equal distribution of light that reflects from the diamond

Light Performance is a measure of the way a diamond interacts with light. It is the most important determiner of a diamond’s visual appeal and beauty. Due to the fact that the visual interpretation of a diamond‘s light beauty varies from person to person, Light Performance has been regarded as a subjective – and therefore less valuable – method of grading.
However, with the development of a science-based measurement method of the variables that make up the diamond’s interaction with light, it is now possible to give a Light Performance grade based on an objective standard of light beauty. New approaches to Light Performance measurement have created Light Performance grading that is accurate, reliable and quantifiable.

4Cs and LP: The Formula that Makes Your Diamond Purchase Easier

Light Performance adds a new dimension to both the concept and practice of diamond grading. It goes beyond the 4Cs to provide you with a completely new, enriching experience of the diamond’s essence. That’s not to say that Light Performance can or will ever replace the 4Cs. The 4Cs are a deeply entrenched institution within the diamond industry, and even in a changing and complex market, nothing can ever make the 4Cs redundant or obsolete.

However, working together, Light Performance and the 4Cs are a powerful, modern approach to diamond evaluation. When the Light Performance grade and the 4C evaluation result are combined, they hold an incredibly rich story of the diamond. This diamond story gives you the confidence to make the right diamond purchase decision. And it gives you an irresistible sense of the diamond’s unique beauty.