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If a picture tells a thousand words, then Diamond Imaging is a reflection of your diamond‘s story. A diamond's appearance will change depending upon the angle and amount of light. With Sarine Profile, you can view precise, authentic images that leave no detail of the diamond uncovered. Get to know your diamond in the most intimate way possible. Discover the diamond's true visual essence.


Experience your diamond in images that reflect perfect accuracy, as if you are holding the diamond in your hand. Explore the diamond's facets and birthmarks from every possible angle. The Sarine Diamond Report presents a range of view modes to help you get to know your diamond.

See the Full Picture

Real View

Discover the diamond’s true beauty as it appears in a natural light setting. as if you were wearing it on your finger. Experience the sense of the diamond’s visual sparkle and appeal.

Top View

See the diamond as if looking with a magnifying glass under fluorescent light. View its features and appearance in plain, precise detail, without lighting variations or manipulations.

Inscription View

The diamond’s ID is engraved on the surface in tiny characters, not viewable to the naked eye. Check out the diamond inscription in true magnified detail, so you can validate its authentic ID.

3D View

The most in-depth view of the diamond, in full 3D rotating form. See every detail of the diamond’s features, facets and inclusions – and discover the visual power of the diamond story.

Powered by Sarine

Sarine Loupe™ presents diamond imaging that is the very definition of precision. The technology behind Sarine Profile Diamond Imaging, the advanced Sarine Loupe™ system takes 360-degree scans of your diamond, knitting together thousands of images to create a complete, dynamic picture that enables you to get up close and personal with every detail of the diamond. Take a closer look than ever before with Sarine Loupe™.