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Progress in technology means progress in the diamond industry. Phenomenal new products on the market help diamond miners, manufacturers, traders, retailers and consumers to obtain the best products, with the most efficiency. And while the diamond technology of today is incredible. with all the advances being made, the best is likely yet to come.


Many people have that unshakable image in their head of diamond traders and jewelers sitting in the small back room of their jewelry store, holding a diamond between a fine pair of tweezers, a loupe to their eye. And while that picture is still true, diamond technology has come a long way in making things easier, not only for jewelers and manufacturers, but also for buyers.


The New Real - Lab Grown Diamonds

By far one of the most ingenious diamond technology advances is the ability to create diamonds, equivalent to natural diamonds in every way, through the use of specifically designed high pressure, high heat gas


Smoothing The Rough Edges - Laser Technology

Lasers are used for diamond inscriptions of the serial number and maker, and also for personal inscriptions and love messages. But lasers can also be used to cut diamonds while eliminating ‘knots’ found in the diamond structure.



It's A Small World After All - See a Diamond Up Close From Anywhere in the World

It no longer matters where in the world you are when you want to view a diamond up close. 360 degree 3D viewers such as Sarine Loupe takes accurate dynamic images from every angle, so the diamond can be viewed as if you were holding it in your hand. Sarine’s imaging is so advanced and true to life, it’s as if you are seeing the actual diamond, even if it’s located on the other side of the globe.


Diamond Valley - Diamonds are the New Silicon

Diamonds are now being sought after as replacements for silicon in semiconductors thanks to their heat resistance and other natural properties. Silicon semiconductors have had issues with heat when used in certain electronics, but diamonds have been found to serve the same purpose with better temperature control results, opening up a whole new market in diamond technology.


Stop Driving in Manual - Automated Inclusion Mapping

When it comes to viewing the internal inclusions of a rough diamond, Sarine’s Galaxy System revolutionized the industry with automatic scanning and mapping of rough diamonds, proven to maximize the polished yield. The beauty of the Galaxy™ system is that it operates as a sort of ‘time machine’ for diamonds. The system takes a rough stone, and reveals to the manufacture a perfectly accurate picture of all its possible futures as a polished diamond.


Get The Whole Chain of Events - Blockchain

Blockchain technology is one of the newest diamond technology products making its way into the market. Blockchain allows a diamond to be traced from its origin, through every step it takes on its journey along the way to the customer. Eventually, blockchain may be able to prevent fraudulence in the industry, as well as eliminate blood diamonds.


Israel has More Polish – Hi-tech in Diamonds

When it comes to diamond polishing techniques and technology, Israel takes it to a whole other level. Home to Sarine headquarters, Israel is a technology powerhouse on the world stage of the diamond industry. Israeli-developed technology is used in the entire diamond pipeline in all parts of the world.