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Diamond technology based on the world's most advanced and accurate measurement and analysis delivers the most reliable and trustworthy diamond information available today. Trust your diamond to the diamond technology experts. Sarine integrates a range of diamond technologies to create your Sarine Diamond Report.


How does Sarine Profile™ integrate the latest diamond technology?

Sarine Profile™, the technology behind the Sarine Diamond Report, is made up of various ‘chapters’ that expose the diamond’s complete story, unique appearance and character, based on Sarine’s world-renowned diamond measurement methodologies.
The Sarine Diamond Report includes the diamond’s Light Performance, Diamond Imagery, Hearts & Arrows, Cut and lab report with 4Cs information. Diamond sellers can also add integrated video or images to the Sarine Report, to help you understand their diamond offerings. Sarine Profile™ gathers all the diamond information and transforms it into a user-friendly, intuitive diamond report that you can enjoy instore or online.

How do the parts of the story work together?

Light Performance by Sarine Light

What is light performance? When you see a flash of fire and sparkle as light interacts with a diamond, that is light performance. Light enters, refracts and exits a well cut diamond, creating a dazzling brilliance. Launched in 2013, Light Performance by Sarine Light™ grades the light performance of every diamond using four parameters: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire, and Light Symmetry. The light performance grade is entirely dependent on the cut of the diamond.  The Sarine Light™ is based on light performance research to understand how light performance works and how to best grade it. Over 200,000 stones were examined during the development of the Sarine Light™. The results of the research and testing means Sarine Light™ offers a reliable, comprehensive solution.

Diamond Imagery by Sarine Loupe

What if you could view a diamond from your mobile device as if you are physically holding it in your hand while looking through a loupe? This is exactly what Diamond Imaging by Sarine Loupe™ accomplishes. Launched in 2014, the Sarine Loupe™ presents you with an accurate visual presentation of every aspect of the diamond. The Sarine Loupe™ system takes 360-degree scans of the diamond and creates a shareable digital file. There are several views created by the Sarine Loupe™. Real View allows you to experience the diamond virtually, offering a look at the overall appearance of a diamond, including the tinge and inclusions. Top View shows you what the diamond looks like when seen from above, as if wearing it on your hand. 3D View offers a comprehensive visual of every aspect. ID Inscription View displays the diamond’s ID inscription in perfect magnified accuracy.

Cut and Hearts & Arrows by DiaMension™ HD

A key criteria when selecting a diamond is the Cut & Craftsmanship. Because the cut grade so completely affects the visual beauty of the diamond, it is crucial that it be based on accurate measuring and analysis. The Sarine DiaMension™ technology was first offered in 1992 and has maintained cutting edge precision throughout the years. DiaMension™ technology supports both polished and semi-polished diamonds of all shapes and sizes with accurate measurement results. The DiaMension™ HD uses a high resolution camera that is specially designed with interchangeable optical lenses for a precise 3D modeling of the diamond. These images also enable the DiaMension™ HD to accurately measure and reproduce the Hearts & Arrows pattern, revealing the diamond’s hidden symmetry.

How do the parts of the story work together?

When you set out to purchase a diamond, it is a gift of love and appreciation with a high price tag. Reliability and trustworthiness are top priority. Sarine Profile™ offers the most accurate diamond story. And since the information is available digitally 24/7, you can experience the diamond story over and over again, and even share it with family and friends on social media – anytime, anywhere.