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Producing a polished diamond from the rough is an art and a science. A diamond is beautiful because of the way it appears in the light to the human eye. However, the diamond’s unique appearance is a direct result of the skill of the diamond cutter, who transforms the rough diamond, with its unique natural form and inclusions, into a polished gem displayed in a jewelry store.


About Light Performance

The diamond is formed naturally in the earth over thousands of years. Faceted and polished by the skilled diamond cutter, it reveals unmatched beauty and perfection. Yet how is it possible to truly measure the unique beauty of a diamond?
Since the 1950s, the 4C grading system has been the international standard. The 4Cs grading is a combination of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight measurements. Taken together, they describe the rarity, appearance and value of the particular diamond. However, the 4Cs cannot accurately or objectively describe the diamond’s beauty as it appears to the human eye.
Due to its unique molecular structure, a diamond’s visual appearance and beauty is directly determined by its interaction with light. So the diamond’s play with light is a key element to understanding its visual beauty and essence. This is called Light Performance.

What is Light Performance?

Light performance is the visual effect created by the play of light as it enters and exits a diamond, moving, bending and reflecting within the stone’s facets.
The concept of Light Performance has been refined and perfected by Sarine Technologies, designed to give you an objective scientific understanding of a diamond’s beauty. Sarine’s R&D team created precise light performance algorithms based on studies of over 23,000 diamonds from all over the world. Via this in-depth optical research, Sarine determined the parameters and values that form the foundation of the Sarine Light Performance grading scale.

What determines a diamond's Light Performance?

Sarine’s Light Performance grading is a combination of 4 measurements of the diamonds interactions with light – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire & Light Symmetry.


The intense bright light that shines from the diamond


The dramatic flashes that burst out of the diamond as it moves


The vivid colors of the rainbow that radiate from within the diamond


The equal distribution of light that reflects from the diamond

How does the Light Performance grading system work?

The Sarine Light™ system measures and calculates the diamond’s light performance in 4 separate ways: Brilliance, Sparkle. Fire and Light Symmetry.
Take a look at an example of Sarine Light Performance grading in action.
Here’s a diamond grading chart that displays the results of the 4 Light Performance parameters, from the lowest grade (Minimum) to the highest (Exceptional). In this example, the diamond’s performance in Sparkle and Fire is outstanding. It also displays very good Brilliance, however its Symmetry measurement is weak.

Then, the 4 gradings are combined to create an overall Light Performance grade, as indicated by the Sarine Light Performance Grading Scale. The diamond shown in the example above is given a total grade of Ultimate*.